Our story began in the 1940s, when Mr. Abílio Ceulin started his career in civil construction, as a foreman. After working for almost 30 years in large companies in the field, he founded his own construction company in the 1970s, together with his sons, the lawyer Jurandir and the business administrator and lawer Welliton Luiz.

Over twenty years that he was in charge of his construction company, Mr. Abílio participated in hundreds of public tenders, having carried out, for example, the renovation and maintenance of Cia. Docas do Rio de Janeiro's warehouses, as well as paving and maintenance of highways and railways, maintenance of crane lines, among many other public and private works.


In the 1980s, the engineering company and the concrete artifacts factory were sold and the family dedicated exclusively to the real estate business, being responsible for the subdivision of large areas in the Baixada Fluminense region, at Rio de Janeiro.

By 2009, Mr. Abílio's grandsons, along with other partners also experienced in the civil construction sector, resumed the project started by their families four decades ago.

In early 2018, a new the office was opened in Lisbon - Portugal, aiming to obtain new sources of funds for projects in Brazil and to export the low-cost management model to Europe. Finally, in June 2019, the Group also started operating in the Portuguese real estate market.


Note: photographs at the bottom of the page are from Mr. Abílio's works in the 1970s and 1980s, and are currently part of Grupo Ceulin's collection. Dr. Welliton can be seen in the first photograph, in the upper left corner. The business card is the only preserved copy and is also part of the collection


portfolio •

We operate in the areas of civil construction (houses and buildings), installation of equipment and renovations in general, offering our customers cost-effective, functional and high productivity solutions. Our services are customized, ranging from consulting for the start of the project to the effective delivery of the finished work. In addition, we manufacture and sell concrete artifacts, such as pavements and pipes, among others.

The Ceulin Group, through its companies, is present in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and in Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), being able to provide its services to the entire EU.

main services and products •

ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING (for private and public clients)


REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (exclusively in Portugal)


INVESTMENT GROUPS (implementation and management)