Grupo de suporte

together we are prime •

• Executives with a technical profile and graduates from reputable universities • Offices in Portugal and Brazil, with local and personalized service • Technical operational and support team shared with other group companies • Open, transparent and straightforward approach • Service in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French • Discretion and exclusivity in service.

OUR MISSION: to offer our clients a personalized, innovative and excellent service in Portugal, through integrated technical and financial planning solutions, focusing on the real estate management and civil construction.


OUR VISION: to be a reference in exclusive services of architecture, engineering and consultancy and asset management in Portugal, guaranteeing a leading position, taking into account the evolution of the Portuguese market.

OUR VALUES: (1) respect our clients and all other people and organizations involved into the processes; (2) maintain professional ethics; (3) work with full transparency and competence; (4) always seek the best investment option for the client through responsible advice and (5) execute the processes with excellence, within the agreed time frame.


OUR COMMITMENT: unreservedly support our client, developing integrated solutions for asset planning, according to our values, by identifying opportunities in the Portuguese real estate market and developing technical engineering and architectural projects.

our team •

Wagner Celin, Engr.

Managing Director

+351 914 938 012

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Otto Ericksson, Arch.

Director of Operations

+351 913 672 442

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Wallace Damião

Marketing Management

+351 914 434 245

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Eliza Marcia

Real Estate Management

+351 912 844 246

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